How do I get started?

Download Toddlr from App Store using the link above on your iPhone to get started.

Register either through logging-in using your existing Facebook account or by entering your details and choosing a password.

Add a pregnancy if you are expecting or alternatively enter the birthdates of your existing children. Simple!

Invite your friends and family through a text message or email invitation to start following your pregnancy and/or existing children.

Share precious moments and updates with your loved ones!

How do I invite someone to follow my child?

Send invites to your friends and family to allow them to start following your child’s feeds. Click on the “More” tab and then choose the “Invite friends & family” option. Select one or more of your children and click on “Send invite”. Choose between inviting followers via a text message, e-mail or other messaging services. . You can send the invite to one or many friends at once. All users with parental rights of a child can invite followers.

Can the followers of my child post photos?

No, but you can authorise them by elevating their rights to “Follower with posting rights”. Don’t forget to upgrade your partner to parent status!

Can I delete the content I created?

Of course! You can delete specific comments you have made in toddlr. Posts belonging to children your have a parent status of or posts you have created can always also be deleted by you. You can also fully delete children your parent, just remember that by doing so all content associated to that child will then be deleted including photos, comments and hugs.

Is the information provided in the app reliable?

Toddlr is created by parents and the material is fact-checked by Marie Antonsson, midwife with 25 years of experience, currently active at Sophiahemmet/Andrologmottagningen. However Toddlr never replaces qualified advice and care from your doctor.

How does photo sharing work?

Toddlr allows you to share and follow your own and friends’ children in a private photo sharing feed. In order to post a photo, click on the “Toddlr” icon, choose from taking a new photo or pick one from your library. Add captions and choose which of your children’s feed you want to post the photo to.

What about pictures with more than one child?

You can post the photo in multiple children’s’ feed at the same time. You can even post to children that you aren’t parent of - but in order to do so you will need to be granted a “Follower with posting rights” by the child’s parent.

Who is behind Toddlr?

Toddlr is created by two couples who in late 2014 came into parenthood themselves and in connection with this tested the market’s various available apps and discovered the need for a new modern and complete app!